About Connubio

“Connubio” is an Italian word that, in our case, means the fusion of two or more special things; in this case it's the unique combination of  food and wine from two different Mediterranean traditions, Spanish and Italian.

Many of our dishes are cooked in our very special natural charcoal oven.   As a result, food gains an entirely new flavour profile that combines the original taste with a delectable smokiness. This is amplified by the fact that succulence is retained – preventing meats from drying out and losing their texture. It is an amazing way of cooking meat, fish and vegetables without having to use extra oil or butter, incredibly healthy wth a unique depth of  flavour.

Our extensive wine list is a product of Fabio's 30 year career as a somellier; his passion for indigenous and lesser-known grapes means that you'll get to experince some uniquely beautiful wine pairings with your meal. We favour the flavour of biodynamic and organic wines, and if you haven't had the opportunity to experience a truly wonderful wine pairing, we will be pleased to select the right bottle (or glass) for your meal.

Connubio Da Fabio

229 Muswell Hill Broadway

London  N10 1DE

0208 815 5998


Tuesday - Friday 11am - 3pm and
                  5pm - 11pm
     Saturday - 10am -11pm
          Sunday - 10:30am -11pm