"Connubio" means  a melange of two or more things in Italian.  At Connubio Da Fabio we offer a simple, seasonally focused menu  that is a fusion of  Spanish and Italian cuisines and wines. Fresh hand-made pasta, tapas , meat that's cooked over our own charcoal grill, and  seasonal produce all paired with your choice of a stunning collection of Italian and Spanish wines chosen by Fabio himself. Come and join us!

Date: 24 June 2020

To all my dear customers,


I started working in Muswell Hill more than two years ago and I always had the feeling that this area reminded me of my original town in Italy. I had a warm welcome from the community of Muswell Hill and many of you have become friends simply more than customers.


In April 2018 I changed the name and concept of the restaurant from the previous name ‘Coffee cup’ to ‘Connubio’ because my idea was to buy the place and live in this beautiful area of London.


Due the problem connected with Covid 19 I closed the restaurant on 15th of March and now I am really sorry to say that I had to re-evaluate my plans and sadly I will not be re-opening ‘Connubio’. It has not been an easy decision to make and I will miss every one of you that has made my time here so special and enjoyable. It is been such a pleasure to share my  passion for food and wines with you and I would like to thank you all for your continued support.


I have the opportunity to buy a restaurant and move to the central area of Marylebone.

It is a well-known Italian-Spanish restaurant named “Twist” 42 Crawford street W1H 1JW.

Phone: 020 7723 3377

I really hope that some of you decide to come and visit me in my new restaurant where we can continue sharing our love for food and wines.


I will let you know as soon as possible when I will start my new adventure.


I hope to see you very soon,

Many Thanks, Fabio